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A Night of Life Drawing!
20 January 2011
A typical night of life drawing starts with quick poses of 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Then, as the night progresses, the poses get longer. I'm including a few drawings here so you get a better feel for how the night progresses. Note that the model gets break every 20 minutes so these are not representative of ALL the drawings that are done during the course of a drawing session.

White Veil
First Five Minute Pose

Crouching Tiger
Second Five Minute Pose

Blue Mood
First Ten Minute Pose

Hand Gesture
Second 10 Minute Pose

First 20 Minute Pose

Looking Out
Second 20 Minute Pose

I have included all these so you get a sense of how intense it is to draw for 2 and half to 3 hours. Many people are surprised at how much you can draw in that amount of time as some artists would need to spend 2 or 3 hours on many of the longer poses ; )


E-mail me at: terry@terryvision.com I'll gladly answer your questions or post your comments if you like.

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Life Drawing Photos Site

I've created a NEW SITE that offers photos of the fabulous life drawing model, "Olivia"! The photos available on this site are intended to be an instructional aid for anyone interested in learning to draw the figure. Check it out at:

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