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Life Drawing:
All the artwork in this section was drawn exclusively from live models or from nature. No photos, just pure interaction between artist and subject.

This section is starting off small, but will grow quickly because I have many more drawings and I draw from life often. Drawing from life is the best way for an artist to develop the "eye" needed for artistic vision.

When drawing from life, I tend to draw looser and exaggerate more than I do when drawing from photos. I prefer drawing from life, but it's just not "economically" feasable to do it all the time.

If you are interested in drawing the figure from life, here are some tips I learned in art school and others I've developed over time...

Red Gloss
Thursday Night Drawing Group Olivia 2 Striped Stockings
Thursday Night Drawing Group
Olivia 2
Striped Stockings
Red Gloss
Red Blues Figure Mound
Rest In Green One Square
Rest In Green
Red Blues
One Square
Figure Mound
Purple Rain One Step
Round Corners
Blue Pillows
Round Corners
Purple Rain
One Step
Blue Pillows
Wrapped Tilted Head
Tilted Head

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